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HAOSHi: A sustainable future of Food & Agriculture





Learn more about how we have helped Food and Agriculture (F&A) startups in HAOSHi's Accelerator program to utilize limited resources to explore, design and validate ideas and develop viable, innovative and competitive business models in a dynamic and competitive business environment.
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Grace's secondment at the SF office




This year, we launched a secondment  program amongst our global offices. Grace Ryall from BMI • Australia was one of the lucky individuals to go on this trip. Read more about her biggest learnings and experiences at the San Francisco office!
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New rebellion in the office: from strategy to visual






A few months ago, Lotte de Wolde, started her journey at BMI • Amsterdam as a creative designer. Learn more about her biggest learnings, and why the use of visuals are so important in defining strategies for clients.

Learn more


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Connect with us on Linkedin and Facebook, or follow us on YoutubeInstagram and Twitter to stay posted about our events, to see our rebels in action and for behind-the-scenes moments from our offices across the globe. Let's get social!



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