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There has been lots of controversy over the use of valves in masks. However, the CDC has just released their latest study announcing that valves are not only effective but can be even more so than those without a valve.
CDC newest report on valve efficiency
Previously, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) stated their concern upon droplet exposure through a valve.  This recommendation was consequently picked up by the media and many companies without outlining clearly the potential danger non-valve masks can pose. For example, some airlines prevent people from wearing certified PPE with a valve and force passengers to wear a 3-ply surgical mask instead if they do not have an alternative valve mask.

However, The CDC has recently announced ( Decemeber 2020) that they have undertaken specific research regarding the filtration efficiency between valve and non-valve facepiece respirators. After testing 13 FFR models from 10 different manufacturers, the results have shown that valve masks "can reduce particle emissions to levels similar to or better than those provided by surgical masks, procedure masks, or cloth face coverings" as well as providing "respiratory protection to the wearer".
Valve Deactivator Back in Stock All Stores
*Please note that our valve plays an important role to reduce any CO2 and moisture (a key element to the virus and bacterial growth) inside the mask
Planning Ahead for a Safe Christmas Day
Planning Ahead for a Safe Christmas Day Blog
The Christmas countdown is well underway, and we're all looking to get started with our planning for the big day. Usually, this involves present shopping, ordering the turkey and putting up the decorations. This year, while we still get to enjoy organising all of these fun festive bits and bobs, there's an extra factor that we need to include on our Christmas planning to-do list: safety. We have gathered a few tips to help you out:

1. Shopping from home has never been so easy and we recommend that you try to buy as many of your presents online as possible. You can get almost anything delivered right to your door these days.
2. In true 2020 fashion, if one of your loved ones can't be there on the day, you can still involve them in the celebrations. We've all got to grips with Zoom by now, so you can easily schedule in a chat with your family members on a safe Christmas Day.
3. If you want to give your loved ones a wonderful gift that will also help to keep them safe during the Christmas period, a mask makes a brilliant present idea. At Cambridge Mask Co., our masks tick all of the boxes - they are beautifully designed and super stylish, while also providing wearers with the ultimate level of protection. Great news, we have also CHRISTMAS GIFT BUNDLING for you to celebrate this season of gifting.
Read Our Blog Here
Christmas Gift Bundle ?99.99/$125

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