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I'm turning 61 today and it's a big one for me.

Birthdays are pretty huge for many of us these days, as they mark the passage of time when it can otherwise (some days) feel like it's standing still.

From my newest vantage point, more than 160 days into responding to a global pandemic by keeping isolated...a week into living in a brand new city across the country from where I had relocated a decade (and two reinventions) ago...and a few hours into 61 years old...I am seeing life through new, less rosy, more real glasses.??

Funny that the same year I lost my beloved mom, who was my greatest teacher, it's been my daughters who have taught me most. They've been enlightening me to the white privilege I didn't even know I was raised under, and are helping me better see and understand what I (and we) didn't even know was so very wrong with our world and the way we live in it.?

They're also teaching me what I had once taught them: that we're never too old to backtrack, write new stories and grow. Wowza.?

As the Founder of Campowerment, for the past seven years, I have been committed to helping women transform their lives, in person and now on this interactive digital playground we've created to help people learn, connect and grow. We've built an incredible community of purpose-driven people who belong together. Thousands of them. A community we have (many times) called our "Tribe."

Just this week, I learned it's time to dump that term, too. And upon reading the rationale, it's almost bizarre I couldn't see it before I did.?

Read about my latest lesson in "unlearning" ... and what I'm daring YOU to do

To a bright future.light through the darkness.and growth, growth, growth!

From the campfire and beyond,
Founder, Campowerment