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Cancer Education at Your Fingertips!

May 2020

From The Director

During these extraordinary times, it is even more important to have information you can trust. At CancerQuest, our mission is to provide reliable information about cancer biology and treatment.

We hope that the information presented in our newsletters and on our website will inform and empower you. We strive to present useful evidence-based cancer information.

We welcome your feedback and suggestions.

Director, CancerQuest
Gregg M. Orloff, Ph.D.
Gregg M. Orloff, Ph.D.
Coping During COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted everyone, and cancer patients are especially affected. Watch a special interview with Dr. Wendy Baer of the Winship Cancer Institute of Emory University to learn about coping strategies during this very stressful time.

Watch Video
Bench to Bedside
Cancer Cells Follow The Leader

The spread of cancer to distant parts of the body is responsible for 9 in 10 cancer deaths. There are two different kinds of cells leaving a tumor: followers and leaders. They are not the same! The new understanding could lead to new treatments.

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The Good, The Bad, The Microbes

We all have trillions of bacteria living on and in our bodies. Compared to healthy individuals, colorectal cancer patients have changes in the kinds and amounts of bacteria that live in their guts. The changes make diseases more likely.

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The Hallmarks of Cancer

Failure To Respond To ''STOP'' Signals

Normal cells obey signals from nearby cells. This prevents the cells from piling up or becoming too crowded.
Cancer cells ignore ''stop'' signals and will pile up on each other.

Cell division is a process by which cells reproduce. This happens to repair damage and replace dying cells. There are many safety mechanisms in place to make sure that cells divide normally. 

One such safety mechanism is cell:cell contact. When cells get too very close to each other, they all stop dividing.  Unlike normal cells, cancer cells ignore stop signals and continue to divide and pile up.

Learn About the Hallmarks of Cancer
Did You Know?
Osteosarcoma of the 5th metatarsal of a hominin

The oldest known hominin cancer dates back to 1.7 million years ago!

Osteosarcoma, a type of bone cancer, was found growing on a bone in the foot of a human ancestor who lived approximately 1.7 million years ago. The bone was found in South Africa.

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Featured on CQ


Information and resources for cancer patients about SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19


Updates on recent cancer research and news

Cancer by Type
Cancer by Type

Learn about different types of cancers

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