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cannabis advertising sites



Quick Question - What is now the 3rd biggest cannabis site in the world and has the best

user stats of any cananbis site online? - Yep, is now there according to Alexa!

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If you are looking to get cost effective ad packages and want millions of real users to know

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Are you on our free cannabis businnes map?  Have you thought about an upgraded listing to include

your menu, contact information, and more?  With over 70,000 app downloads, people are looking for you

on our map, are you standing out?


Would you like a full fledged story about your company to go out to out to millions of people and have them

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We have a special starting for the first 10 companies that book a sponsored post on today!

- Full sponsored post and interview with custom graphcis that gets posted on the homepage at

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-Full enhanced map listing for your cannabis businnes or lawfirm

-Full socail media shoutouts on our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter account

For a the first 10 companies or businesses that sign up, this limited offer will only be $899.

Yep, that's it $899.  Not $5,000, not $2500.  Just $899 for the first 10 companies.


Want to add an email blast to over 30,000 cannabis consumers interested in buying cananbis prodcuts?

We will add an email blast to our current offer for only $100.


All in ad packages including a sponsored post, links, social media promotions, and a 30,000 person email

blast for all under $1,000 for the first 10 companies that sign up below.


Interested?  Reserved a spot now,  fill out our ad from here or email  


Offer open to the first 10 replies, prices go back to regular pricing after that.




PS- Check the traffic numbers on any of your favorite cannabis site here on Alexa, sign up with the fastest climber in the industry.

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Evergreen Buzz, LLC
300 Delaware Avenue, Suite 210-A, Wilmington, DE 19801, U.S.A.

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