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Cape Ardor Logo
Hello Joseph,

Together we''ve raised: 1102 meals

The alcohol ban in South Africa has been lifted! 

But the work is not over.

The recent 14 week ban on the sale of alcohol has had a devastating impact on South Africa. Although the ban has been lifted, the restaurant, alcohol and hospitality industries remain under very strict regulations and the communities that have been affected are in a hunger crisis. Tourism is still completely shut down, and sadly most of our wineries rely heavily on International visitors to support them.  There is still a possibility that the country will have to move to a shut-down again if COVID infections rise.

Currently there is a world-wide appeal to wine drinkers outside of South Africa to support the industry by buying and drinking South African wine.

We are committed to supporting South Africa by donating 10% of sales to the Eat Out Restaurant Fund

The fund aims to re-stabilize a severely impacted industry until March 2021 (at least), by providing financial support to restaurants so that they remain operational and can keep putting food on the table for the huge number of hungry families across South Africa that are suffering from this devastating impact.

Help Us to:
  • Secure the South African wineries sales
  • Help the restaurants stay open
  • Support the preparation and distribution of meals to those in need
Donate 10% Of Your Wine Order
If you're on social media, follow us here and here and post our help page. Don't forget to tag your posts with #JOBSSAVESLIVES  #DRINKSOUTHAFRICAN #SAVESAWINE

Thank you for your continued support!

Kara Matkovich
Cape Ardor LLC ? 338 Sausalito Blvd ? Sausalito, CA 94965