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An Extraordinary Challenge

A message from our partner Duke Raleigh Hospital on maximizing your workout while social distancing...

Spring is here, the days are longer and flowers are blooming. While these things normally make people happy, the global community is anxious. We face a unique challenge: we're battling COVID-19, a small particle that cannot be seen. There will be difficulty in the days ahead. We must take strength in the teams of scientists, health care professionals, policy makers, and thousands of others who are working to defeat COVID-19 and keep us safe.


One tool we have that everyone can take part in practicing is continued social distancing. This does not mean you can’t run/walk/hike outside, however you should do so at a distance of six feet from others. Also, take your shoes off outside when home and shower immediately.

If you prefer to work out inside... High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) has become one of the most popular fitness trends of the last few years.


High Intensity (HI) is best defined as maximal effort.


Interval Training (IT) is alternating high intensity effort with “active rest.”

Typical HIIT work outs are 20-60 minutes in length with multiple interval segments. Shorter work intervals are higher output. Longer work intervals are lower (yet demanding) output. These work intervals are then followed by “active rest.”
Typical exercises involved can vary from burpees to mountain climbers to sit-ups and push-ups.


For instance, you could do lunges, sit-ups, and a plank which would be muscle building/strength exercises and incorporate jumping jacks and skaters in between each movement for the cardio!
Repeat it a few times and will certainly get the heart rate elevated plus fatigue many muscles. 


20-30 minute HIIT sessions are sufficient for results. Recommended maximum of 2-3 sessions/week. 


Use this exercise to complement and invigorate your training as we have more time indoors!

Running partners Dr. Jocelyn Wittstein and Melissa Raddatz, NP work together at Duke Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine. Dr. Jocelyn Wittstein is Assistant Professor of Orthopaedic surgery at Duke. She specializes in adolescent and adult sports injuries. She has run several marathons and is an age group competitor. She previously coached Team in Training marathon groups in Eastern North Carolina. Melissa Raddatz, NP enjoys treating athletes and sports enthusiasts of all ages and levels. She ran Division I Cross-Country and Track at William & Mary. She has run a 2:50 marathon and is a five time nominee for New York Road Runners “Runner of the Year.”

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