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Be Northern, be you.


Here at Northern, we're doing something pretty special. We're growing the kind of amazing Engineering team that anyone can picture themselves being part of, whatever your background, skills, experience, or lifestyle.

So if you're looking for an engineering career in a business that's working hard to become a diverse, inclusive and equal organisation, then Northern is the kind of place where you can really be you. As one of the few train operating companies who have a dedicated Diversity Manager, we run a range of Employee Inclusion Groups, boast a 250 strong Employee Engagement Group, and our equality, diversity and inclusion events calendar has never been busier. 

It really is the kind of place where you can be ambitious, be determined, be flexible, and be your best. It's where you won't just be Northern - you'll be able to be you.

There's a huge variety of engineering roles on offer right now, from servicing, maintenance and repairs to being part of our depot driving teams and train presentation teams. So if you haven't thought about working for a train company before, it's time to start looking at Northern in a different way.

Find out more, check our roles, and apply at our careers site now.

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National Graduate Week

Our mailing address is:
National Graduate Week
8 Scott Drive
Altrincham, Greater Manchester WA15 8AB
United Kingdom

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