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Hi , Thank you for signing up as a member of the Center for Financial Professionals
Welcome to the Center for Financial Professionals
Dear Levi,

Thank you for registering to the Center for Financial Professionals (CeFPro).

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As a member of CeFPro you now have the ability to register for any of our upcoming risk conferences by simply logging in. You can also enjoy our quarterly Risk Insights Magazine and access Risk Insights TV content.


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Add our Events email address and our Risk Insights email address to ensure you receive all event information, invoices, receipts, new risk insights products, articles and magazine issues.

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As a member, you now have access to: Monthly eNewsletter, Our Quarterly Magazine, Webinars, Risk Insights TV and more.

4. Take part in CeFPro research
Share your expertise and opinions in our surveys and download the complimentary reports and analysis.


Got any questions, contact us on:
Feel free to contact us on:

UK Phone: +44 (0)20 7164 6582
US Phone: +1 888 677 7007

Kind Regards,
Center for Financial Professionals (CeFPro).

Center for Financial Professionals
About the Center for Financial Professionals

The Center for Financial Professionals are an international research organisation and the focal point for financial risk professionals to advance through renowned thought-leadership, knowledge sharing, unparalleled networking, industry solutions and lead generation.

We are driven by and dedicated to high quality and reliable primary market research. It is this market research that allows us to provide financial institutions, industry professionals and companies with unparalleled knowledge sharing through research projects and reports, peer-to-peer conferences, exhibitions, news and reports.

Visit for further information. Our mailing address is: Suite 68 The Maltings, Roydon Road, Herts, SG12 8HG


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