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Hi Robinson Walter,
Welcome to CellarTracker!
Thanks for completing your free registration. We're excited to have you as part of our community! CellarTracker allows you to easily manage your wine cellar and to share tasting notes with other users. This email contains a reminder of your login information, as well as some helpful getting started tips.
Your handle, which you use to log in, is TthdkA1266CQ!. If you ever forget your password, you can easily reset it using your email address.
Before you get going, we have a little housekeeping to take care of. Please click the link below to verify your email address. Some CellarTracker functionality may be limited until you complete this process.
Click here to verify your email address
To make the most of your membership, we recommend starting with the following:
  • Read about getting started
  • Bulk import an existing spreadsheet
  • Set your privacy options
  • Participate in our discussion forums (separate registration required)
As you continue to use CellarTracker, we also encourage you to share your suggestions, comments, and complaints with us. We highly value your feedback in considering how we evolve and improve the CellarTracker experience.
To allow us to continue to provide you with excellent service—and to unlock additional features such as some professional scores and wine price/valuation data—please also consider making a voluntary payment.
-Eric LeVine
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