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Dear Harper

You can be sure if you take a plate of our Apricot Fudge Slice to a party that you’ll have everyone asking for the recipe.


The same can be said of the rest of our slices below, so bake away with confidence! The beauty of a slice is that a little goes a long way, perfect for sharing. 


In our next email find out why we’re going crackers over our top four biscuit recipes. 


Happy baking!

From the team at Chelsea Sugar

Chelsea’s Top 4
Slice Recipes
Apricot Fudge Slice
Chocolate Caramel Slice

This fudgey slice is one of the easiest slices you’ll ever make – it only takes a few minutes to prepare. You’ll want to keep plain biscuits and condensed milk on standby to make this again.


Chocolate and caramel lovers - this one is for you! Cut it into small squares as this is rich and delicious, you can always have seconds.

Chocolate Coconut Slice
Chelsea Lemon Slice

We’ve taken the classic Chocolate Coconut Slice and given it a softer, chewy base than the crunchy original. The result? Read the reviews on the recipe!


This tangy lemon slice has proven to be popular year after year - the balance of tart citrus and sweetness never fails to win approval.

  Better Baking Tips  

To make slices easy to remove from the tin, cut two lengths of baking paper (one to fit the width and one to fit thelength). Lay them criss-crossed in the tin, ensuring the paper extends above the sides of the tin. This gives a strong base to lift the slice out and avoids crinkly corners.

Chelsea Soft Brown Sugar

Chelsea Soft Brown Sugar adds moisture and a chewy texture to baking, perfect for brownies or for making caramel slice.  Use in place of Chelsea White Sugar when you want extra flavour and colour.

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