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fireworks, sunshine, burgers, cold dranks, lakes, beaches, parks, live music, cool breezes, and everything else.
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yooooooooo download images muchacho

We just made our 4th of July collection 20% off when you use the code:



Because I’m playing a game this year where I eat a hot dog every time I see someone at the lake wearing Chubbies 4th of July clothes… and I want to eat 900,000 hot dogs.

yooooooooo download images muchacho
yooooooooo download images muchacho

We’ve peaked. People in lab coats agree these BRAND NEW AND RESTOCKED SWIM TRUNKS are the greatest designed swim trunks known to science.

I know that sounds hyperbolic but it isn’t. It just the honest truth. And I’ll stand by it, holding a clipboard.

yooooooooo download images muchacho
yooooooooo download images muchacho

Everyone has been talking about how weird your tee shirts are. Pit stains, armpit holes, and whatever you want to call that “off white” color you’re hanging in there with.

We’ve all decided it’s time for a refresh. So we made some new tee shirts to help you do it.

While I refuse to comment on his other stated positions, I will always respect Sir Mix-a-Lot’s commitment to not lying.

~Joey "You cannot deny it" Avery and everyone else at Chubbies.

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