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This season is a bridge.

The past couple of months may have felt like a dead end-churches closing, people hurting, and ministries shifting.

But God never leads us to a dead end.

Pastor Whit George from Church on the Move shares how they''ve viewed this season as a bridge to a "new normal" versus a temporary detour.

Church Online: Bridge Versus Detour


Like Pastor Whit shared: it takes faith to enter a space you don't know. For many churches, church online was that new space. We've been sharing great resources for reopening your churches and kids ministry-and we celebrate that many churches are reopening their physical locations-but we also know that God continues to use church online to reach people far from Him. 

As we reopen physical buildings, let''s continue to embrace technology to reach people who don''t feel comfortable returning to our churches just yet-and those we might only reach through online ministry.

Church Online Resources

From training your online hosts to engaging families to building community, these resources will help you maximize your church online experience and lead attenders to next steps.

  • Complete Kids Online Services

    • Life.Church

    • GROW

  • Church Online Hosts: Complete Guide

  • Church Online: Prayer Resource Guide

  • Leveraging Facebook Groups

  • Church Online Worship Sets

  • Copyright Limitations on Streaming

  • 9 Ways to Connect With Online Attenders


Choosing the Right Platform

Where's the best place to run online services? We believe the strongest church online experience is through the Church Online Platform, but there's also tremendous value in running services through multiple platforms, including Facebook and YouTube. Check out the pros and cons of each.


Video Editing Made Easy

You loved this blog post and this video showing you how to capture engaging video content from your cell phone.

Now there's a video to help you edit your videos. Join Ricky (yes, the same Ricky from The Loop Show) as he walks you through some editing techniques.


Think You''re Not Ready?

"We're not ready to do church online." That's what Pastor Jason from City Light Church thought, but when COVID-19 forced them out of the school they were meeting in, they had only four days to launch their first church online service. Hear their story of how this season pushed them to do something they didn't think was possible. 

16 Social Media Ideas

Social media is a great way to engage people in your church. But, is your post adding value or adding noise? View this blog post to hear how you can engage attenders on social media and see 16 examples of social media posts you can do this week.

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