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January 2020
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Happy New Year, friends! It's been a busy holiday season in the City Dads universe, so let's get you caught up on all that's happened and some of what's to come.

We're up for an award

The City Dads Group website has been nominated for a "Richard and Linda Eyre Family Is Award" for its parenting content that "effectively ... Celebrates Commitment, Popularizes Parenting, Bolsters Balance, and Validates Values."

If you have a minute to spare and want to throw a vote our way for the People's Choice, we'd appreciate it.

Vote for City Dads Group now!

Dad 2.0 brings fatherhood talk to D.C.

jason greene speaks at dad 2.0 summit

Dad 2.0, the conference for fathers wanting to participate in a conversation about the changing voice and perception of modern fatherhood, will bring its usual strong lineup of speakers and panelists for professional and personal development to Washington, D.C., on Feb. 27-29.

City Dads Group will once again be a media partner for Dad 2.0, a role it has played since 2014. It uses the conference as a national meetup opportunity for its leadership and members, who play an active role in providing content for the event (that's Jason Greene of our City Dads NYC in the photo, speaking at last year's event).

Get more info on the year's Dad 2.0 event

Up your parenting game in 2020

child on man's shoulders

Nobody's a perfect parent. But here's how some of our dads are trying:  

  • Work on your "grateful mindset" The greatest parenting hack may just be in your head.
  • Dads -- don't try to be the mom A humorous look at how to own your manhood as a parent.
  • Remember the past for a better future There's a lesson for kids in knowing history.
  • A teenage daughter's resolutions for her dad Start by recognizing that she's growing up

Fathers' input sought for parenting book

person types on macbook laptop

Feel like your opinion as a father often doesn't count when it comes to parenting? Here's your chance to be heard.

A friend of City Dads Group is writing a book about modern parenting and wants to hear from dads like you. The survey takes 7 to 10 minutes to complete and is anonymous.

Take the parenting survey

Keeping it clean cut for the holidays

City Dads members in 11 U.S. cities and their kids received the gift of free hair cuts and stylings last month, thanks for Dove Men+Care grooming products and Bishops Cuts/Colors.

Our guys and their children were special guests for the second annual "Holiday Shear" event, held Dec. 14. The event is part of a nationwide initiative from DM+C, a longtime partner of City Dads, designed to give families the gift of quality time during the holiday season.

Get it together -- for fun or a good cause

Several members of our City Dads Anchorage chapter braved 7-degree weather in late December to take an icy plunge in local Alaskan waters to raise money for the state's Special Olympics organization. Their efforts were part of a campaign that collected more than $233,000 to assist these brave athletes.

Don't be left out of the fun and camaraderie. Check the Meetup page of your local City Dads Group to find something you want to do -- whether it's with or without the kids, sign up and have a great time. 

Have an idea for a Meetup event? Send it to us at
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