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Membership Emails

Below is a sample of the emails you can expect to receive when signed up to City Hive.

City Hive Logo

Not just another email about the COVID-19 response...

Instead of sharing a sample of what''s new this week at City Hive, the team and I felt that it was imperative to compile a list of best practices and to ensure that everyone is as prepared as they can be for these unusual times and the inevitable uptick in deliveries and online orders.

The City Hive team is here to help you in any way we can, to make sure that we overcome any challenge together, while we wait to get back to normalcy.

Please see below for a few key features that we are supporting to make sure that your store can stay on top of this unfortunate reality.

-Dr. Roi Kliper

Go to your Merchant Dashboard

Update Your Delivery Settings

Make sure that your opening and delivery hours are properly reflecting your current level of operation. You also might take the opportunity to review and expand your current offerings (delivery zones, distances, times, etc) to cover more of your customers.

If you need help adjusting your delivery settings, hit the button below. 

Contact Us

Communication is Key

Communicate, communicate, communicate. If you''ve checked your inbox over the past couple days, no doubt you''ve received dozens of emails from companies updating you on their response to COVID-19 (kind of like this one). This allows you to communicate to your customers that you are still open during this difficult time and gives them the best way to receive their orders while staying healthy.

We''ve created a template in your store''s notification center so that you can send one and customize it with your store''s delivery information. Or if you''d rather we send it on your behalf, check your inbox soon as we will be sending a campaign approval request to do just that. 

Go To Your Merchant Dashboard

Enable Postmates Integration

As you may have already been aware, we''ve been fully integrated with Postmates (as well as other delivery services) for months now; and it has been a tremendous success. 

Don''t be limited by short-staffed delivery teams or out of the way addresses, let Postmates do the legwork and use it as a primary or secondary option to make sure no customer is left unserved.
Contact Us Today To Set It Up

Introducing Curbside Pickup

Order. Check. Call. Go. It''s really that easy with Curbside pickup.

Let your customers know that they don''t even have to come in to the store with your new curbside pickup option at checkout. This is perfect for stores who can''t offer delivery or customers who are happy to come to the store but still want to maintain some social distance. 

Contact us today to have it enabled for your store. 

Set Up Curbside Pickup

Let us help you with Social 

Many of you have already invited us to help with your social communication in the past and we encourage the rest of you to do the same. We can help you optimize your social profiles, track customer analytics and direct your marketing dollars in the most efficient way. To get started, invite us a business partner to your Facebook page and schedule sometime with the team.
Learn How Today

P.S. - A quick note about City Hive''s Response to the coronavirus...

I wanted to give a quick update regarding how City Hive is handling the Coronavirus response. At the moment, it has not disrupted our operations in anyway and we don''t see it impacting them in the near future. However, we are prepared for any eventuality and will keep you updated if we are affected in terms of reduced availability of our support team, longer wait times, or office closings. Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions.


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