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Interlochen Arts Academy

Tickets: $20, $15  Students $10

Singer-songwriters from Interlochen Arts Academy take the stage to perform original works in a variety of styles and genres. The concert will feature 15 of the Academy’s finest.

The program is comprised entirely of original songs written by the performers. The works will be presented in both electric and acoustic settings, ranging from intimate solos to spirited anthems backed by drums, basses, theremins and other instruments.

Enjoy an evening of intimate acoustic and full-band arrangements from15 up-and-coming artists. View Artist Bios

  • Aysu Buldaç 
  • Sami Cronin
  • Jess Detor
  • Clara Devey 
  • Ava DiSimone 
  • Levi Ebnit 
  • Isabella Farmer
  • Hixon Foster
  • Ava Goldfarb 
  • Gillian Greenlaw
  • Calvin Hinds
  • Breezy Love
  • Grace Monahan
  • Luke Ogea
  • Haiven Sellers
Two of the Academy’s popular music ensembles, The Wrecking Crew and the Meters, will serve as backing bands for the performers. 

Presented by City Opera House and Interlochen Center for the Arts as part of the 10th Performing Arts at City Opera House season.

Upcoming Events


Danú: St. Patrick's Celebration

Tickets starting at $35  Students $15

Travel on a musical journey to Ireland, just in time for St. Patrick’s Day.

Hailing from Waterford, Dublin, Donegal and Cork, Danú is one of the leading traditional Irish ensembles of today. Their standing room only concerts throughout Ireland are true events featuring high-energy performances and a glorious mix of ancient Irish music and new repertoire.  

For over two decades, Danú’s virtuosi players on flute, tin whistle, fiddle, button accordion, bouzouki and vocals (Irish and English), have performed around the globe and recorded seven critically acclaimed albums. Danú takes its audiences on a musical journey to their native Ireland, offering a moving and memorable concert experience.

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