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24 Sept 2020

Make manufacturers pay for recycling, UK says in Viridor-YouGov poll

Manufacturers and not taxpayers should bear the cost of recycling waste and returning it to the circular economy, according to British consumers that took part in a YouGov poll commissioned by UK recycling company Viridor.

 Latest news

UK named 'exemplar' as Food Waste Reduction Roadmap membership grows

The annual progress report for the UK's Food Waste Reduction Roadmap shows growing adoption of the Target-Measure-Act approach to food waste prevention.

UK should price emissions from waste disposal to help reach net zero

The UK government is being urged to immediately announce sector specific carbon pricing that is tailored to the challenges across specific sectors.

Apple accused of 'swerving' questions on sustainability and product repairability

Apple 'refuses' to answer MPs' questions on environmental sustainability and repairability of its products as it is poised to launch new models, according to the Environmental Audit Committee.


Recycle Week | almost 9 in 10 households 'regularly recycle'

The theme for Recycle Now's 17th annual Recycle Week is to thank the nation for continuing to recycle, despite all that has happened this year, under the banner 'Together - We Recycle'.


Scotland earmarks ?70m to improve waste and recycling infrastructure

The Scottish Government has earmarked ?70m to improve waste and recycling infrastructure to aid the country's 'green recovery'.

New in brief | evian launches bottle made from 100% recycled plastic

evian natural mineral water has today reached an additional milestone in its circularity journey, with the introduction of new recycled bottles in its portfolio, made from 100% recycled plastic. This innovation is now available in the UK.


'Big plastic' accused of 'two-faced hypocrisy' over plastic pollution

The plastics industry, consumer brands and retailers are being accused of 'obstructing and undermining' proposed legislative solutions to the plastic crisis in what has been called 'two-faced hypocrisy'.


Tesco partners with food sharing app to cut food waste

Tesco has partnered with food sharing app and social enterprise OLIO to help reduce food waste in stores across the UK in a move which should help feed more people in crisis in the local community.


'A step forward' in Coca-Cola's sustainability agenda
Coca-Cola and Coca-Cola European Partners' Julian Hunt looks at how CCEP has taken a step forward in its sustainability agenda.

Looking for that lightbulb moment
Neil Grundon, deputy chairman of Grundon Waste Management, calls for British manufacturers to lead a switch to minimum recycled content in lighting.

 Knowledge Centre

exclusive to CIWM members

Blog: A flexible future for packaging capture and reprocessing

The third instalment in the new series of deep dive sessions jointly hosted by SUEZ and CIWM saw a panel of experts, from across the packaging value chain discuss what is next for flexible packaging.

Reviewing biowaste treatment in the UK: current waste policy (part 1)

Stephen Jenkinson discusses the policies related to composting and AD in the UK, including current and potential collection and treatment capacity, outputs from composting and AD and gate fees, incentives and finances.

Waste Management and Contracts Officer
Southend Borough Council
Landfill and Waste Processing - Asia
Muscat, Other, Oman
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