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Thank you for joining Microsoft''s COVID-19 Remote Learning campaign by downloading the Classplash World of Music for free.

At Classplash, it is our vision that all people worldwide have access to music and music education, so it was no question for us to help in the current situation and to make our software available for free. 

If you like our programs please recommend this campaign to other teachers, institutions and schools so even more children can get access to virtual music lessons and a little variety and creativity in these tense times.

In the attached document you will find the license, which you can use for free until the end of June 2020. An installation guide is also included, so you can forward the document directly to your students and colleagues.

We wish you and your students lots of fun and all the best - stay well and take care of each other! 

If you think to be more productive on Facebook, feel free to join our privat group: World of music group

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From: Jon <@>
Location of school: Great Britain, Jon
Schoolname: Jon
Function: School Admin
Amount licenses: Jon
Microsoft Teams Invitation?: yes

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