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Membership Emails

Below is a sample of the emails you can expect to receive when signed up to Cleantalk.

Cloud services for websites CleanTalk — Cloud services for websites


We paid attention to the absence of requests from your site the spam checks. We want to help you get comfortable with the service spam CleanTalk. Please check the settings and the Access key in the settings antispam module on this website.

We will answer your questions, just reply to this message, outlining all of the questions.

Thank you for the opportunity to help you!

Complete setup

After completing the configuration, you can use all the functions of CleanTalk

Use antispam analytics tool for each website in service Dashboard to have information about spam/legitimate statistics.

You can delve further and look at antispam logs which show the spam comments blocked and the reason for blocking.

Visit the Bonuses to get a free service.

Get free mobile apps for CleanTalk Anti-Spam. With these apps you can control your anti-spam service, comments, signups and contacts.

iOS app on App Store Android app on Google Play

CleanTalk helps others

Here are a few reviews where others talk about how they have succeeded with CleanTalk.

"We've been getting hammered with spam regularly and I tried a variety of plugins that block country IP addresses, added captcha, but still the spam regularly got through. CleanTalk not only has stopped them dead, but within 1 hour of going live I already see two attempts blocked. This plugin will now be one of our mandatory additions with every future WP installation. I'm also going back to all of our current installs and adding there too.
Great job, guys!"
ABI roger
"Very easy to check logs to see if there are any non-spam or spam that need to be corrected. So far it has been 100% correct!
I have left comments off of blogs in the past because the signup spam was so difficult to deal with. Now I will be going back and adding this plugin so I can have signups without worry."
Titanium Creative
"This is the Best Plugin antispam we have in WordPress, log, statistics, dashboard, everything is first level, Highly recommended."

Complete setup

With best wishes,
CleanTalk team

PS. If you have any questions, just reply to this email.
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