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How many times have you heard someone recently say "Can you believe it''s already September?" Just this morning I had 4 consecutive email be
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Dear Mason...

How many times recently have you heard someone say "Can you believe it''s already September?"

Just this morning I had 4 consecutive email begin with a line like that!


Got Brain Fog?

We''ve had an interesting relationship with time these last 6 months...and stress from the pandemic, racially driven events and other world news has only multiplied the activity in our limbic systems.

(Here''s a great article that dives into what might be going on in our brains.)

So how are you feeling? How is your calendar management?

Can you believe it''s already September?

If you''re looking to add a few things to your calendar, here are some suggestions:


Temporary Credential Standards Extended Through December 2021

The ICF has extended the adjustments to the credential application and renewal process initiated in response to COVID-19.

Two key things to note:

  1. The maximum number of CCE credits you''ll need in 2021 is 41.2 (24.72 units in Core Competencies).
  2. You can renew your credential at any time before December 31, 2021.

Learn More Here...


CoachNet CCE Packages

The extended protocols due to COVID-19 makes this an idea time to explore your options with CoachNet for renewing or upgrading your credential.

Check out the CCE Packages here:

Also, we have slots available for 400 Essential starting this Thursday September 24, in two different time slots!

You can join 400 Essential noon-2pm Eastern OR 4-6pm Eastern. This is a rare opportunity to add this course to your renewal/upgrade package with your choice of convenient times. Register here:

  • 400 Essential Starting Thursday September 24 Noon-2pm Eastern
  • 400 Essential Starting Thursday September 24 4-6pm Eastern

WBECS Breakthrough Coaching

One other option you have if you want to ramp up your CCE credits is through WBECS.

I''m hugely grateful for the partnership CoachNet has been able to build with WBECS, and this is the latest chapter.

In this event, Marcia Reynolds, MCC is focusing on breakthroughs in coaching, and that starts with the ability to ask questions that get into the uncomfortable.

Sometimes you have to be willing to squirm!

Register here to guarantee your spot in a preview session, where you can grab 1.5 CCE!

In 90 minutes, Marcia will show you how to:

  • Eliminate fear and worry around not being able to get results
  • Never get stuck asking generic questions that have little impact
  • Get comfortable with being uncomfortable, going deep, and asking tough questions
  • Create more fulfilling and satisfying sessions that focus on client progress

Don''t miss out. Register here. It''s free!

I hope you find something interesting to move you forward on your credential or renewal journey. Even if you''ve got brain fog slowing you down.

Let me know if you have any questions!


Profile ImageJonathan Reitz, MCC
Director of Training/CEO
(330) 245-4200 - Mobile/Text


CoachNet Global LLC 3593 Medina Rd. #135 Medina, Ohio 44256 United States 1 (888) 728-4329

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