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Membership Emails

Below is a sample of the emails you can expect to receive when signed up to Coding Games.

Hello there!

Remember me? 

I introduced myself briefly last week. If you stick around, we’ll probably be in touch at some point since I take care of the whole CodinGame community.


Yup. You’re not alone.

Practicing programming skills? Preparing for an interview? Learning a new language? Coding for fun?

A lot of other coders spend time on CodinGame and hang out in the chat, Discord or forum.

Did you know that most of our puzzles and games are created by the community? Pretty awesome, I know ????

This community is the heartbeat of the CodinGame platform.

We’re doing our best to give you the tools to shape the platform as you see fit!

See you soon on CG (as we call it ????)!

Meet the Community
In 3 days, I'll tell you about the most exciting part of CodinGame:
Passion > Education- SENT
Level Up- SENT
Community First- SENT
Programming Is Fun(in 3 days)
Tour is over. What’s next?
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