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Welcome to!*

 Our simple to use, groundbreaking Quality Stats power winning game coverage at CHFF

We are revolutionizing the way fans, the mainstream media, and professional bettors analyze football teams and matchups. We ignore the fluff, silence opinions and focus on the stats that matter. You'll find 22 Quality Stats right here on that help you identify good, bad, great and horrendous teams.  Easy on the eyes with no math required, we do all the number crunching for you.

There's never an offseason at CHFF but rather just a period of time with or without games. When there's action on Sunday (and Monday...and Thursday...and sometimes Saturday) our stats are spitting out facts that help you win your NFL wagers. After the Super Bowl we dive deep into NFL Free Agency, Team Needs, NFL Combine, Draft Coverage and Training Camp Reports.

Here's just some of the great features you will have unlimited access to with your 2019 subscription:

Quality Stats: Our simple to use, ground-breaking Quality Stats power the winning game coverage at CHFF, which has produced an incredible record of success analyzing teams and games for football fans.

Game Capsules for Every Game

Analysis and Quality Stat comparison for every matchup every game measured side-by-side based on Quality Stats. Check out one of our statistical matchups.

Team Profiles

The statistical profile of each team in easy to use, info-packed team page.

Weekly and Season-Long Stat Leaderboards

Top performers each week and all season in each of our proprietary Quality Stats, showing in graphic terms the importance of each indicator.

Team Needs: Detailed analysis recapping the performance for all 32 teams and outlining what each needs the next season.

Free Agency: A breakdown by position of the top available free agents heading into the 2019 Season and the Cold Hard Football Facts Free Agency Tracker.

Draft: Comprehensive NFL Draft Coverage including composite rankings for each position from the major NFL Draft analysis.

Combine: Performance recap and analysis of who boosted or hurt their NFL Draft stock.

News: All the latest rumors and headlines from around the league with a twist thanks to our Quality Stats.

Prop Wagers: Breaking down the most popular and best prop wagers with an eye on systemic connections to our Quality Stats.

Future Odds: Analyzing all the odds on future performance, draft selections and other league news with reference to our Quality Stats.

Something else you want to see covered? Reach out any time and let us know!


*If you completed your subscription and input your credit card, your seven day free trial starts now.  You will not be charged until the end of the trial period.

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