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Hello Andrew,

Fall is the time of the year when “The Color of the Year” makes the news. It all begins in summer when paint companies reveal their trend forecasts. These are usually teasers that cover a wide range of colors – and in some cases dozens of colors, as was the case with Sherwin Williams’ 45 hues. And now it’s final. Five noteworthy brands have revealed the “it” color – "The Color of the Year 2020". Is it any coincidence that all of these colors hold a promise of calm for what lies ahead?

Test your color imagination

First, have some fun and test your imagination:

Assume that each of these two colors will be “The Color of the Year 2020”. The challenge is to reinvent the color by giving it an evocative new name. You might even consider giving it a name that embodies a sense of calm.

#1 A light pink

The first color is a very light pink. Delicate and sheer. It’s floral like the palest pink roses; it’s sweet like the frosting on cupcakes, comforting like a stuffed bunny from childhood, and as feminine as ballet shoes.

If you had to reinvent this pink with a name that would get rid of all these associations – and have mass appeal – what would you name it?

Consider this: Some paint brands have named this tender hue “Pink Ground” or “Calamine” (Farrow & Ball), an almost identical color “Almost Pink” (Glidden), “Paris Pink (Portola Paints), “Pink Bliss” (Benjamin Moore), “Pink Elephant" (Behr), and coincidentally “Elephant Pink” (Benjamin Moore).

Pause for a moment. Use your imagination! It’s your turn to name it. (Also, please post it on the Color Matters Web Forum. If you're not a member, we'll approve you immediately.)

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Conclusion: Benjamin Moore has named this light pink “First light” - and it's "The Color of the Year 2020".

If ever there were a way for pink to shed its sweet, floral, and child-like associations, this does it. On the other hand, what is the color of first light? If you google it you’ll find images like the one below: In any event, it’s all in the name and this one is genius.

Here’s how it looks in the context of nature:

#2 - A subtle green

This is a tricky one. It’s a very subdued light green. Sage? Or perhaps the color of a cooked artichoke or a murky swamp? It’s definitely earthy.

If you google sage, artichokes and swamp, you’ll find images such as these:

If you had to reinvent this color with a name that would get rid of all these associations – and have mass appeal – what would you name it?

Consider this: Some paint brands have named a similar shade of this hue “Canary Grass” (Glidden), “Soft Fern” and “Tree Moss” (Benjamin Moore), “Clary Sage” (Sherwin Williams), and Prairie Sage (Glidden).

Pause for a moment. It’s your turn to name it. Try not to use any reference to vegetation or food. (Also, please post it on the Color Matters Web Forum. If you're not a member, we'll approve you immediately.)

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Conclusion: Behr has named this subdued green “Back to Nature” - and it's "The Color of the Year 2020".

The name embraces nature in general – and that’s a good thing if you find the term “sage” too common or if you don't like artichokes, olives, or over-ripe avocados. As for interiors, it’s a subtle paint color that serves as a perfect backdrop for a room that evokes the peace of nature.

Here’s how it looks in the context of nature:

A message from Color Matters

Can you help us? We’re looking for a sponsor for this newsletter and we’re open to any possibilities. Also, if you're interested in the rights to use any of the content and graphics in this newsletter, that's something to explore. If you have any ideas, just hit reply (on this newsletter) and let us know.

The Color of the Year 2020

Here’s the breaking news about all the "Colors of the Year 2020".

"First Light" – Benjamin Moore

“First Light” (2102-70) is Benjamin Moore's "Color of the Year 2020". It’s a soft airy hue – not too sweet. The brand describes it as “a backdrop for a bright new decade”. Worth noting is that pink has become more of a mainstream color thanks to Millennial Pink. In this case, you might consider “First Light” as the new white. It’s blooming with potential!

"Naval" – Sherwin Williams

"Naval" (SW 6244) is Sherwin Williams’ "Color of the Year 2020". It brings navy blue into a new era. The company describes it as a deep shade that “fuses the striking and bold opulence of Art Deco with the awe?inspiring power of nature”. Naval was designed to do just that, inspiring a sense of "restfulness and tranquility" in one's home, according to a press release.

"Back to Nature" – Behr

Behr released “Back to Nature” as its "Color of the Year 2020" in mid-August. It’s a meadow-inspired light green hue that the brand describes as "calm, gracious, and balanced, and a way to bring the outside in.” Look closely at this complex color. It’s a very subdued olive green. Murky and peaceful.

"Chinese Porcelain" - PPG

PPG proclaimed "Chinese Porcelain" as its "Color of the Year 2020" in June. It’s described as a blend of cobalt and moody, ink blue that imparts calmness and restful sleep while also offering the spirit of hopefulness – a rare commodity in a restless world.”

Nothing - Glidden

Glidden announced it’s not announcing a "2020 Color of the Year". As a matter of fact, this is the brand’s official breakup letter with "Color of the Year" selections. Glidden wants to help do-it-yourselfers and procrastinators get rolling on the paint projects they’ve been putting off by cutting ties with trends and simplifying the color selection process. (Editor's note: Cheers! Point well taken.)


Most interior designers feel grey is on its way out. We’re tired of those stark and simple greys - and color is coming back. Read more at Forbes.

Consider this:

The Big Money Behind Naming a “Color Of The Year”

It’s worth noting that naming a "Color of the Year" is good for business. It’s a simple and inexpensive way to boost traffic and sales. Check out this interesting article from Jude Stewart.

A message from Color Matters

Would you prefer that your home or workplace be colorful or full of color? Make it happen with one of these easy courses from Color Matters: Foolproof Color Formulas for Interior Design or Color Harmony for Your Home.

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