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Hey you!

I think we can all agree that over the weekend there was a universal sigh of relief at the result of the US elections. For a lot of people hope, joy and peace were restored. This months encouraging words are inspired by the one and only Vice-President elect Kamala Harris who has made history and shattered glass ceilings by becoming the first Black, first Asian and first female Vice President of the United States. 

In her speech she said some really powerful words that got me thinking....

How often do we as women disqualify ourselves from opportunities just because we''ve been told it''s too ambitious and never been done before? How often do we put our dreams on hold because we''re prioritising other people''s needs? How often do we shrink ourselves out of fear of being called arrogant or too full of ourselves?  TOO FU*KING OFTEN. 

The patriarchal society we live in feeds off women''s insecurities because, as long as we are not awake to the power within us, we live on autopilot and look for external sources of validation that can never give us the fulfilment we long for deep down inside. Thinkabouriiittt. 

This month I want you to think of the limiting beliefs you have about yourself and some negative things people have said to you in life, write them down on a piece of paper and RIP IT UP ??. And then on a second piece of paper unapologetically write all your ambitious dreams down even though it feels scary.

Remember confidence is a practice and growth doesn''t come with age you have to invest in yourself and not only set goals for WHAT you want to achieve but also set goals for WHO you want to be in the world. So what''s it going to be? Are you going to be someone who believes in your greatness even when other''s can''t see it. Or are you going to be someone who lets the world decide your fate? Not everyone will see your potential but you owe it yourself to WAKE UP, INVEST IN YOURSELF AND GO AFTER WHAT YOU WANT.  That is what being #confidentandkillingit is all about. Keep scrolling there''s more! x 
Need some more confidence tips in life? Oprah, Tracy Ellis Ross and Lauryn Hill have you covered in our latest Instagram post  | Scroll down for what''s new this month. 
What''s New This Month 
Workshop with Snapchat, Community Meet up and New Podcasts Episodes
As 2020 continues with it''s many challenges, I''ve teamed up with Snapchat and Triangirls to bring you a feel good and uplifting webinar - POSITIVE VIBES ONLY.
Here''s what I''ll be covering: 
  • Learn to reframe negative situations and tackle fear and anxiety head on
  • Foster a positive and optimistic mindset that boosts motivation and productivity
  • Practical tips for building resilience and bouncing back when you've hit rock bottom
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The Ok Mentor Programme: Breaking Into The Creative Industry
A 2-week live webinar series that covers practical business skills and personal development for young women looking to break into creative industries ??

As part of the programme, I''ll be running a session on building confidence and owning your worth as a creative.
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Community Meet Up This Wednesday 
Agenda -Unlocking Our Purpose 
Struggling with unlocking your purpose and celebrating yourself? It''s time to fill in your Monthly Wins Tracker for October and join our meet up THIS WEDNESDAY where we''ll be working on articulating our purpose, celebrating ourselves and networking. 
Catch Up On These Podcast Episodes   
We''ve reached 10,000 listens on the podcast, so you know it''s good!! 
Listen Now
Stay #confidentandkillingit 

Love Tiwalola x 
Copyright ? 2020 Confident and Killing It, All rights reserved.
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