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Enjoy The Lemur Conspiracy, our conservation innovation newsletter???????????????????????????

Did you know a group of lemurs is called a conspiracy? The Lemur Conspiracy is our?conservation innovation?monthly newsletter - conspiring to transform?conservation. Enjoy!

?The Lemur Conspiracy

Conspiring to transform?conservation through technology and innovation

Announcing eleven finalists competing?for $750,000?to fund artisanal mining innovations

The finalist innovations are?using plants grown on contaminated land to produce?renewable energy, developing systems to capture mercury, using AI and open data to detect new mining activity, and more.

Nearly one year ago, the Artisanal Mining Grand Challenge?was launched in San Jose, California, asking for the best new solutions to make artisanal mining more responsible.

Now we are down to eleven finalists - they have gone through several review processes, a peer feedback & revision stage, developed pitch decks and videos as semifinalists, and finally they have?reached?the final round!

The finalists include solutions that focus on?mercury prevention, improved data for miners and for formalizing the artisanal mining sector, mapping solutions, and restoration of the environment.

Reserve your spot at our virtual?Innovation Summit & Awards Ceremony to learn about the innovators'' journeys and watch the?final round of judging to?determine the winners.

Learn about the finalists??

????News From The Front Line

Epic?Fellowships this fall with?CXL

Since many students are deferring their college education this semester,?we''re?offering ten?new paid positions for experiential learning this fall.?Our Epic Fellowships include activities that range from creating smart tools for conservation to identifying products of the future inspired by science fiction.?Apply by Friday, September 4th.

An ATV moving through a landscape shaped by artisanal mining

Join our?team as a Field Program Director

We''re looking for an experienced and creative program director to implement open innovation & tech programs in the?Amazon?for conservation impact. The position will be based in Lima, Peru. Apply by Friday, September 4th.

Hackaday logo

Submissions due soon for?the Hackaday Prize

There''s just a bit more time to make an impact with the Hackaday Prize. We''re a nonprofit partner and developed a Challenge brief asking for solutions to combat invasive species and develop new tools for marine protection.?Complete your submission?by August 31st.


???Notes From The Lab

Garage Team - Washington, DC

A note from Henrik:

Over the summer, we have been working with a phenomenal and dedicated group of fellows to advance the progress of the Sentinel System.

We have built a software that allows one to create and use their own wildlife-focused machine learning algorithms without having experience in software or coding themselves.
The Sentinel System aims to make any existing tool smart. By accessing the SD card slot, we directly read what the trail camera or sound trap is recording, and run the AI on our system. This way users can still use the tools they already have, and we can focus on our strength -?AI in the field.

Once we spot something that you are interested in - such as that pesky squirrel eating your vegetable garden?(Sam''s garden is pictured above) or that endangered species you have been searching for years - we will send you a text or email and let you know. Now. Whether you put your device in your backyard or the middle of the Amazon.

Save The Date

Artisanal Mining Grand Challenge logo

September 30 - October 1, 2020

Join us for the virtual Innovation Summit & Awards Ceremony for the??Artisanal Mining Grand Challenge.

Register for the Innovation Summit??

?? From Our?Innovation Community

  • These Con X Tech Prize projects are making progress with their prototypes including a major enclosure upgrade from the Terrapin Tracker?and a new technique to use cheap SMD LEDs as ultra-sensitive light sensors from the Wild Insect Traffic Sensors project.
  • Open Ocean Camera is?training an AI model for fish classification.?The project is totally open source and they are looking for data sources.
  • Here''s a great idea to utilize safari drives for data collection! BearID Project?works with bear viewing lodges and National Parks and the team is also interested in machine learning on edge devices.

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1066 31st St NW, Washington DC 20007

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