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Below is a sample of the emails you can expect to receive when signed up to Corvus Coffee.

This is your pre-order alert for Bio-Innovation and Natural Geisha coffees from La Palma y El Tucan!
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These are some of the best of the best - 

La Palma Y El Tucan is widely known as one of the best farms in the world. On the front line of innovative processing and varietals, many of the competitors in the US and World Barista Championships use their coffee. 

After the insanely positive response to the Sidra reserve tin, we went back and asked for more. We're now presenting two different Geisha coffees from La Palma to you-

Please note: we are only have 125 Tins per coffee in total.

Our last reserve pre-sold more than that total number in our first email. These coffees are unlikely to make it to stores.

Geisha Natural •

The first Geisha is a natural process. The classic and renowned floral profile of the Geisha variety pairs so well with drying the coffee in full fruit. La Palma has natural processing down to a science - literally - and this coffee has an intense fruit forward flavor profile!

notes of Gooseberry Jam, Passionfruit, and Yellow Mango

Geisha Bio Innovation •

This process is one that's unique to La Palma. They collect micro organisms from the soil in their farm by attracting them to cooked rice, then put this combo of rice and micro-organisms in clay pots with the coffee cherries. This kickstarts a very unique process of fermentation which results in a very exciting flavor profile!

notes of: Strawberry Rhubarb and Blood Orange


All orders of La Palma Geisha will ship by February 14th. Anything that is ordered with a tin of La Palma Geisha will not ship until this tin ships. 

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corvus coffee 1740 South Broadway Denver, Colorado 80210
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