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Welcome back to Citizens for Tax Justice!

Dear friend, 

Three years ago, you joined us and the broader progressive community as we battled the 2017 Trump-GOP tax law—a massive redistribution of even more of the nation’s wealth to corporations and the rich. The people spoke. You spoke. The law was deeply unpopular across party lines, but President Trump and the GOP enacted the law anyway at the behest of their wealthy donors. As expected, the economic divide between the rich and the rest of us grew even wider in the law’s aftermath.  

Now, due to failed leadership and a disregard for ordinary people, the nation is battling a health and economic crisis in which millions of people have lost their jobs and are struggling to put food on their tables. This is a gross contrast to what’s happening at the other end of the economic spectrum. Apple Inc., now has a valuation of more than $2 trillion (a significant percentage of that occurring during this pandemic), Mark Zuckerberg is now a centibillionaire, and Jeff Bezos continues to amass wealth beyond our imaginations. We are experiencing two pandemics because we had a grossly unequal society long before COVID-19.  

It’s time for transformational change. That’s why we are reinvigorating our effort to stand for tax justice and to help elevate the voices of ordinary people. It’s time for our elected officials to prioritize our needs over the wealthy and powerful.  

WHAT WE'RE FIGHTING FOR: CTJ is a partner in the movement for transformative change. We support policies that focus on people over corporations; transformational change that reimagines the future; and action to harness government to make all our lives better. Read more about the core principles of our work. 

Here's what we've been up to since we last connected: 

DISSECTING MISINFORMATION FROM THE RNC: The Republican National Convention last week attempted to reframe history (and the present). The economy just doesn’t work for many of us, and it’s gotten worse under this administration. 

Watch the video

TRUMP'S PAYROLL TAX DEBACLE: The president's executive order suspending payroll taxes through the end of the year, only to have employees pay them back during the first four months of 2021, is creating rather than solving problems and does precisely nothing for tens of millions of unemployed workers during this economic recession.  

SCHOOL VOUCHERS INCLUDE A KICKBACK TO THE WEALTHY: Last week's RNC included a heavy emphasis on so-called "school choice" voucher policies that use taxpayer dollars to send kids to private, usually religions, K-12 schools. The programs use taxpayer dollars to enrich the private sector, but they also allow wealthy donors to turn personal profits at the expense of adequately funding education for our nation's children.

HOW SENATE REPUBLICANS SPENT THEIR SUMMER VACATION: Mitch McConnell left the HEROES Act collecting dust on his desk, leaving our schools, our jobs, our economy and our future at risk. Now parents, students, teachers, school staff and activists are demanding Senate Republicans get back to work and pass the HEROES Act. 

For more Tax Takes, follow our blog on Medium.

WHAT’S TAX GOT TO DO WITH IT? Tax fairness undergirds racial, social and economic justice. How do we raise enough revenue to invest in our needs and raise it fairly? How has tax policy historically delivered and failed on these essentials? And how have recent tax changes, like the 2017 GOP-Trump tax law, moved us forward or set us back? Join our partners at ITEP for an afternoon with Sen. Sherrod Brown and a panel of experts, community organizers and advocates discussing the importance of tax equity in narrowing racial and economic inequities and advancing progressive policies. 



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