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Thank you very much for opening our new Cults newsletter!

Cults. Newsletter #63

FEATURED. This Invisible Ball is the new must print of the month! So cool ????

3D Printer model of INVISIBALL by Extreme3DPrint

Download this STL file of Invisiball by Extreme3DPrint

PARTNER. Enjoy -6% promo code on all filaments sold at

Discover FILIMPRIMANTE3D, the filament reference for 3D printing.

POPULAR. Find out some of the greatest designs on Cults.

Earth Puzzle by Fhuable

Download The Earth Puzzle

Tooth Vase by Hapens

Download Tooth Vase

Tom & Jerry Collection by Ismael Jiso

Download Tom & Jerry Collection

Mechanical Phone Stand by Aaron Mollett22

Download Mechanical Phone Stand

COLLECTIONS. Download the best STL files from our new collections.

Download 3D files from our new Coffee Collection
Best STL files from the Steampunk Collection

RC MODELS. 3D print these remote-controlled machines and have fun!

Giant Heinkel RC Jet by Tahustvedt

Download Giant Heinkel RC Jet

RC Mini Jet Boat by JTronics

Download RC Mini Jet Boat

PINEAPPLE. A very nice decorative element for your kitchen.

Pineapple by Gunnarf1986

Download Pineapple

Pineapple Bowl by Oogime

Download Pineapple Bowl

SKELETON. Tremble in front of these dreadful creatures, extremely well made.

Evil Skeleton Warrior by Armians

Download Evil Skeleton Warrior

Evil Skeleton Knight by Armians

Download Evil Skeleton Knight

EDUCATION. These robotic objects are perfect projects for schools.

Robotic Arm by AlmasRobotics

Download Robotic Arm

Robotic Car by AlmasRobotics

Download Robotic Car

CHALLENGE. Win Polisher & PolySmooth spools to smooth your prints!

Enter the 3D design and printing challenge about organic shapes inspired by nature.

TOY STORY. Get ready for the release of Toy Story 4 by printing the new heroes.

Forky by Herik

Download Forky

Toy Story 4 Cookie Cutter by calaverasydiablitos1979

Download Toy Story 4 Cookie Cutters

NINTENDO SWITCH. These retro arcade for consoles are really cool.

Nintendo Switch Arcade Stand Retro by Shigeryu

Download Switch Arcade Stand

Deluxe SwitchCade by Shigeryu

Download Deluxe Switch Arcade

BEAUTY. Download these 3D files to become the most beautiful woman in the city!

Hair Comb by Merve

Download Hair Comb

Geometric Necklace by BoniBond

Download Geometric Necklace

MONKEY. If you are a monkey fan, these 3D models are made for you.

Orangutan bust by Tolgaaxu

Download Orangutan bust

Kong's in a barrel by Dame Out Of Time

Download Kong's in a barrel

E-COMMERCE. Buy online all the 3D printings products you need!

3D Printers, Scanners & Accessories
3D Printers, Scanners & Accessories

Discover great 3D printing promo codes
Share your STL files and your prints photos

Go on Cults.

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