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We're so glad you're here, Logan

Thanks for signing up to join our 75,000+ person community. At Culture Amp we think of ourselves as People Geeks - we get excited about how data and insights can drive a better world to work in. We’re building the world’s leading employee feedback platform so we can help companies achieve success through putting culture and people first.

As part of our People Geek Community, you’ll be the first to know about the latest news in the people space, events in your area, and our product updates.

Welcome again!

Didier Elzinga
CEO, Culture Amp

Our Community

The People Geekly newsletter- a curated list of the best articles on HR and the people space from across the web. We’ll include the latest from our blog (like 60 Performance Review Phrases, one of our most popular articles).


Invitations to exclusive events for People Geeks, including interactive webinars and opportunities to meet up with Industry leaders in person. Check out an event near you.


Check out People Geek Answers to learn new icebreaker activities, ask your own questions, or respond to questions from other People Geeks.

Questions? The community is here:

  • Hashtag #peoplegeeks on Twitter, or tweet us directly @CultureAmp
  • Ask our Slack channel for the best People Geek chatter in real time
  • Email us at

By helping organizations learn faster through feedback, we're changing the world of work.

The People & Culture Platform


Culture Amp 111 Sutter, Level 15  San Francisco, CA 94104 United States 

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Can we show you around? The best way to see whether Culture Amp is a fit for you is with a guided tour from one of our people geeks. Besides the guided tour we`ll also send periodic emails with news, event invites, and product insights.

Great. We`ll be in touch shortly. Thanks for subscribing! Your subscri ption has been received. Barring special occasions, the People Geekly comes out every week. If you have an article you think should be included for your fellow People Geeks, drop us a line at

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