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BestEver Newsletter


To all the Americans out there! I hope you had a fantastic Thanksgiving!! The Best Ever!! And I hope your governor cried because you had friends and family over.

They'll be gunning for Christmas next, so make sure you Have The Best Christmas Ever!

Can you believe we're already into December 2020?!? What a year it has been!! Expect a turn of fortune favouring freedom lovers worldwide! It is written in the stars! Of course, evil will clutch and command, but we'll overwhelm the greedy control-freaks with Love and Superior Numbers!! There are a lot of us and only a few of them. And we've got the LOVE on our side!

Let's make this year end with an explosion of inspiration, creativity and outright good times!! We've got to make up for lost time!

Have The Best Month Ever!

David Avocado Wolfe

NoniLand Noni Root Tincture


Noni Root. We make a Tincture of Wild Noni Root from my farm: NoniLand! The roots come from the jungle behind the farmhouse. For Energy and Endurance! We are the only farm on the Internet that makes Noni Root tincture. Also, noted for Pain Relief! Feel the Power of Hawaiian Mana from one of the world''s most powerful fruit trees!!

Noni Root Benefits:

  • Energy, Endurance, Cardiovascular
  • Pain Relief
  • Blood building
Wild Noni Root
Buy Noniland Noni Root Tincture

Detoxadine? Iodine
Certified Organic Nascent Iodine


"I searched the world for two decades for the best iodine product. Not too strong, not too weak. Effective. Absolutely pure. A product that was created by people I know and have known for years. This is it: Detoxadine." ~David Avocado Wolfe

Iodine is a vital element we all require. Iodine is essential for healthy thyroid function, hormone balance and metabolism.

Detoxadine is an organic, deep-earth sourced nascent iodine liquid supplement. This product is as pure as it gets, just a few drops can completely satisfy your daily iodine requirement.


Benefits of Iodine

  • Supports the Thyroid
  • Encourages Hormone Balance
  • Stimulates Metabolism
  • AntiViral and AntiMicrobial
  • Protects the Glands

Detoxadine is certified organic nascent iodine. Created from salt deposits located more than 7,000 feet below the earth''s surface, Detoxadine is pure and concentrated. Every drop provides 650 micrograms of iodine in a glycerin base.

Buy Detoxadine

My New Social Media

Because the censorship media have revealed their cards, I am recommending to all of you to participate in New Free Speech Platforms! Give Telegram a shot and Parler. Try MeWe. Maybe you can start a video channel on bitchute? Experiment! Now is the time to make a move. Over the last couple years I have added three new platforms that I regularly post on:

Telegram (my personal favorite!!)

Parler (improving and getting more fun)

MeWe (still experimenting with this one)


This week I've been pulling out the memes from the Irrational Seams of Reality. Here are some of the latest and greatest!! Enjoy!

Remember, if you click any of those images, you will be taken to my Telegram Daily News Feed and if you have Telegram on your device you can Join my channel by clicking Join at the bottom of the Page! To download Telegram, please visit or download Telegram Messenger at the App Store and Join my News Feed there!

David Wolfe Telegram
David Wolfe Telegram
David Wolfe Telegram
David Wolfe Telegram
David Wolfe Telegram
David Wolfe Telegram
David Wolfe Telegram
David Wolfe Telegram
David Wolfe Telegram
David Wolfe Telegram
David Wolfe Telegram
David Wolfe Telegram
David Wolfe Telegram
David Wolfe Telegram
David Wolfe Telegram
David Wolfe Telegram
David Wolfe Telegram
David Wolfe Telegram
David Wolfe Telegram
David Wolfe Telegram
David Wolfe Telegram
David Wolfe Telegram
David Wolfe Telegram
David Wolfe Telegram
David Wolfe Telegram

End of 2020 Interviews

I recorded to two interviews recently and now I am finally getting them to You! I love speaking to diverse writers, authors, researchers and activists! Enjoy!

Interview #1: Gregg Braden

Recently, I caught up with Gregg Braden. After many years of circling each other in various locations, we finally ran directly into each other at the Conscious Life Expo in February 2020. We agreed to catch up on an interview, and we finally did!

In my estimation, Gregg is well-known and well-loved around the world for simply one key trait: he's a scientist with an open mind and heart. This trait is the shining light behind at least a dozen of Gregg's inspiring bestselling books.

Please click this LINK and use the passcode: "Avocado" and you will be taken to the interview.


Interview #2: Elana Freeland

For those of you who are deep down the rabbit hole or those interested in Anthroposophy (the philosophy of Rudolf Steiner) or those who want something to stretch their mind and imagination, I recorded a detailed interview with Elana Freeland recently.


Elana Freeland is a writer, ghostwriter, lecturer, storyteller and teacher who researches and writes on Deep State issues, including the stories of survivors of MK-ULTRA, ritual abuse and invasive electromagnetic weapons. She is now perhaps best known for two of her books: Chemtrails, HAARP and the Full Spectrum Dominance of Planet Earth and Under An Ionized Sky. She has written more than just these two books as well. I am currently reading her fiction series: Sub Rosa America.

Please click this LINK and use the passcode: "Avocado" and you will be taken to the interview.

Special Events, Programs & Links

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Aquatru: Save $100 on a Reverse Osmosis Water Purifier. Project I did with Erin Brokovich. Anyone can install this system and have it working in 5 minutes! The first and only countertop reverse osmosis water purifier that is certified to create bottled-quality water from your tap. No plumbing or installation required. ?

Coated Silver: The Talk of the Internet! ?

Coated Silver


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