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Below is a sample of the emails you can expect to receive when signed up to DeepSpar.

Hi Jon,


Did you have some specific questions? Generally what you need depends on the types of issues you’d like to solve in-house. I would highly recommend watching this 2 hour technical presentation: It serves as an introduction to professional hard drive recovery and it’s a great collection of fundamental knowledge that you will need.


Most people build up their data recovery capabilities over time, solving more and more types of issues in-house as they grow. Generally speaking, we separate all hard drive problems into three distinct areas:


1) Data-level issues – logical level corruption only. The drive is readable, but some damage was caused to the logical structure of the data written on it.

2) Disk-level issues – general drive read instabilities, such as bad sectors caused by degraded heads, minor platter scratches, occasional firmware exceptions, etc. Drives with these issues are partially failed, but they can still be read with the right tool without major repairs.

3) Drive-level issues – complete drive failure, such as crashed heads, fried PCB, heavy firmware corruption, etc. These drives are completely crashed and most of them will require physical repairs in a class 100 clean air environment.


Data-level issues can be solved by inexpensive and easily accessible software tools like R-Studio, UFS Explorer, Disk Warrior, and so on. The other two areas are where specialized hardware tools start to come in.


Disk-level issues are solved with data recovery hardware. Drives with these issues are too problematic to recover with software alone (due to occasional crashes, dropped connections, low recovery speed, lack of identification in OS, etc.), but they could be recovered with specialized hardware without the need for physical repairs. Our professional offering for solving these issues is the DeepSpar Disk Imager 4 (DDI4). The typical configuration costs $2,875US + shipping. We have some training videos for this product on YouTube which show exactly how everything works:


Everything becomes far more complex at drive-level. These are the drives that are completely failed and will require some kind of repair before data can be accessed. This type of work is usually handled by dedicated data recovery companies, because it takes hundreds of hours of practical experience to gain the necessary level of technical expertise (typically 6-12 months of daily practice). In terms of the tools, you would need the PC-3000 UDMA system ($6,460US), a class 100 clean air environment (for mechanical repairs), mechanical and electronic tools for hard drive repair, donor drives for parts, and various miscellaneous equipment such as a microscope, head/platter cleaning solvent, etc.


All of the above is the professional data recovery process. If you only want to do data recovery on a part-time basis, you might be interested in our RapidSpar instead ( It’s a $1,950US tool (financing available) for solving most data-level & disk-level, and common firmware failure cases.


I hope this helps. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.




Serge Shirobokov

Sales Director

DeepSpar Data Recovery Systems

1884 Merivale Rd., Unit 9

Ottawa, ON K2G 1E6


Tel: 613-225-6771 Fax: 613-225-7766




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