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Democracy Club





The general election is 13 days away!


We want to make sure every voter has the information they need to take part.


So, if you're up for it, three tasks for your weekend...


???? Print out Democracy Club posters

Stick them up somewhere useful! This PDF can be scaled to whatever size you can print. Or you can use a JPEG version (front cover, back cover)


???? Tell friends and family about

Share it on your family WhatsApp group! Post it in your local Facebook group!


???? Make a note of next Thursday (5th December) as #DemocracyDay in your calendars

It’s an election, but nobody’s talking about democracy. A group of campaigns are trying to change that for next Thursday, such as this event in Manchester and some coordinated press and social media work. More to come!


And one final bonus task! 

Our friends at mySociety are crowdfunding for TheyWorkForYou so that it can carry on running through the next parliament. It means you can see how your next MP votes and what they say in the next parliament. Please chip in!


Have a good weekend,


Joe and the team





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