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This collaboration began three years ago, just a month after I had started Diaspora Co., with exactly one spice - Pragati Turmeric. I have admired Tiipoi''s ability to thoughtfully and beautifully weave together Indian craft and contemporary design for as long as I''ve known about them, so I knew that whenever we were ready they would be the perfect partner to us. Today, I can proudly say that I hope this is the beginning of many collaborations to come. 

So to back up for those of you wondering... what is a masala dabba? 

When I left India at 16 for high school, one of the first things my mother packed into my suitcase was a masala dabba. I couldn''t cook to save my life and I could only roll rotis into highly irregular shapes, but my Gujju Ma wanted me to be able to feed myself and a well-stocked masala dabba is the foundation to all Indian home cooking. So, I was given a cheap stainless steel dabba bought from Mohan Metals in Mumbai packed with the seven core spices of my mostly Gujarati upbringing- turmeric, cumin, coriander, red chilli powder, salt, mustard seeds, and a little vial of hing that promptly exploded all over my suitcase. I used that masala dabba so much - no idea what I was doing, desperate to recreate familiar flavors. Over four years, homesickness, voice notes from our family cook, and my trusty masala dabba taught me to feed myself. 

Once I'd proven myself as the first enthusiastic cook to exist in nearly three generations of Marfatia-Javeri women I was gifted my Nani's engraved brass masala dabba, the family heirloom that matters most to me. It's the dabba she bought as a newlywed, a young gynaecologist starting her married life in Mumbai. She still remembers the shop where she got her new last name engraved into the side in wobbly gujarati. 

We've been in the spice business for three years now, and we finally have enough equitably sourced, regeneratively farmed, truly excellent spices to recreate that feeling of home that only a masala dabba can conjure! So here we go! And as a thank you for preordering, we''ll custom engrave it for you, a small way to honor this new family heirloom. 

PS - If you are preordering a masala dabba today, you CANNOT add any other products to your cart. If you''d like to purchase other spices / collabs, please do so in a separate order. Because of the custom engraving process, masala dabba preorders cannot be merged with other items, nor other orders. They will only ship by themselves. Thanks so much for understanding 
PS - to the small number of you *still* awaiting your preorders: our fulfillment partner ran out of boxes (not working with U-Line is tough!), then spoons, then had the truck of chilli jars mysteriously disappear and then re-appear but we are finally fully stocked, and all remaining preorders should be 100% shipped out by the end of next week! We can''t wait to dig ourselves out of this six month long preorder pile SO SOON! Thank you, thank you, as always, for your kindness and patience. This has truly been a saga of every extenuating circumstance exerting itself. We considered delaying this preorder launch until all former preorders were fulfilled but ultimately, in order to get you these goodies in time for the holidays, we need the engraving info, the cash flow, and the order numbers now to make it all happen. We hope that makes sense! 
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