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Dirty Bones

[Plant touch this*]


Dirty Vegan

Here’s the 411, Dirty Vegan is taking over Dirty Bones Soho every Monday with its indulgent plant-based comfort food and cocktails.


As one of our OG FWB crew, you can dine with us at 50% off all dishes this Monday 24th February.


Enjoy epic comfort eats that just happen to vegan. Try new hero burger the Chili Cheese alongside plant-based riffs on our classic serves. There’s an entirely vegan Mac Daddy and our signature Lamb Fries reinvented with BBQ braised shitake mushrooms. We’ll also be serving up thick, rich and outrageously creamy vegan soft serve from our pals at DÁPPA.


Peep the Dirty Vegan Takeover menu here.




*Unless you are a valid FWB card holder, obvs


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