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Membership Emails

Below is a sample of the emails you can expect to receive when signed up to DriveHQ.

Drive HQ - The first Cloud IT Service provider

Dear slow89826,

Thank you for signing up with DriveHQ!

To activate your account, please click the link below, or copy & paste it into your browser:

DriveHQ offers a wide range of Cloud Services, from the Easiest Cloud Drive Mapping service to the Most Powerful Group Sharing & Collaboration service. You will be amazed by our features and quality of applications. With 16 years of track record delivering 99.99% uptime enterprise-grade service, you can count on DriveHQ for most of your cloud needs.

Quick Links:

  • Map Cloud Drive: WebDAV Drive Mapping Tool;
  • Cloud and Local FileManager: DriveHQ FileManager;
  • Automatic Online Backup: DriveHQ Online Backup;
  • Cloud Surveillance Service:

About DriveHQ:

Founded in 2003 in Silicon Valley, DriveHQ is now a leading Enterprise Cloud IT service provider with over 3 million users, tens of thousands of business customers and dozens of Fortune 500 clients.

In 2012, DriveHQ launched, a leading Cloud Surveillance service. CameraFTP offers Cloud Recording, Monitoring and Playback services. It is an easy and low-cost alternative to traditional security services.


Your DriveHQ Team

Leading Enterprise Cloud IT Service Since 2003

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