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Form Name:Recycled Water Inspection Request
Date & Time:06/24/2020 10:49 AM
Response #:811
Submitter ID:20764
IP address:
Time to complete:3 min. , 41 sec.

Survey Details

Page 1

EID Recycled Water Program inspection requests will be completed within two business days after the request date.

Please note:  The day of the request is not recognized as the first business day. 

Fields marked with *  are required to be completed to process the request.

Select the type of inspection below:

(?) Front Yard - Final Inspection

Other - please provide details if "Other" was selected in the drop down menu above:

Contact First Name:

Contact Last Name:

Company/Business Name:

Contact Phone Number:
(079) 702-7642 ext. Jon

Please add the address locations and lot number for each location.
Inspection Addresses: Lot Number (if known)
Location 1
187 Langham Road
166 Langham Road
Location 2
201 Langham Road
238 Langham Road
Location 3
144 Langham Road
194 Langham Road
Location 4
119 Langham Road
164 Langham Road
Location 5
186 Langham Road
143 Langham Road

Contact Email:

Additional Information:

Thank you,
El Dorado Irrigation District

This is an automated message generated by the Vision Content Management SystemT. Please do not reply directly to this email.
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