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Hi Jon,


Thank you for reaching out to Career & College Clubs.


Career & College Clubs focuses on engagement and peer leadership, and prepares students for success in college, career, and life. The 7th  12th grade curriculum is based on proven grade-level readiness standards, and focuses on the whole child through these five content areas:

         College and Career Preparation and Readiness

         Academic Preparation

         Leadership Development

         Social and Emotional Skill Development

         Professional Etiquette


Career & College Clubs is very modular and can be implemented in a variety of settings for your students: during instruction time, after school, single grade level, multiple grade levels, etc. We will work with you to determine your best implementation strategy for your school and how often you will utilize the curriculum, and then align your implementation to one of our curriculum maps.


Perhaps we can schedule a call so we can talk in more detail. Just let me know.





Kelly Pappas

Associate Director

National Council for Community and Education Partnerships

Phone: (202) 530-1135 ext.2129

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Name: Jon Henry

District/School/Organization: Martinez


Role: Principal

If "Other Role," Please Describe: Jon

Email Address: @

Phone: (765) 877-1121

How Can We Help You?: Jon

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