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Dear Levi,


The 2020 Virginia General Assembly had just begun, and I had to pinch myself. 


After 13 long, hard years, we were finally going to pass legislation to save lives. It was so emotional. It felt unreal -- walking the halls, sitting in the gallery, watching votes for legislation like universal background checks, Extreme Risk Protection Orders, gun possession prohibitions for domestic abusers, child access prevention laws, locality control over regulation of firearms in public places, bump stock prohibitions, a one-gun-a-month law, banning guns in preschools and daycare centers, and increased funding for violence interrupter programs in the budget. More than a dozen safeguards to address the public health epidemic of gun violence are now law in Virginia. I even got to stand with Governor Ralph Northam when he signed those bills into law. Join the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence (CSGV) as we bring moments like these to states across the country. 


My mind wandered back in time -- to my first visit to the Capitol after my daughter was shot and injured in her French classroom, when I naively thought the Virginia General Assembly would listen to me and the other families of the Virginia Tech tragedy. How could they ignore the anguished pleas of so many? I quickly learned that’s exactly what the Republican controlled general assembly would do -- put the interests of the gun lobby ahead of the safety of our families and our communities. And I went to work to stop them. I joined the staff of CSGV in 2009 and never looked back.  


With support from many of you over these long years, CSGV has grown and changed the gun violence prevention movement in Virginia and in states across the country -- demanding policies and resources to address the public health epidemic of gun violence. And our efforts have paid off. Despite federal gridlock, we’ve seen big wins at the state level. 


The successes we’ve seen in Virginia and other states are the results of the work our team has been doing for years -- and we’re not slowing down. We are actively working to strengthen gun laws in 15 crucial states ranging from Pennsylvania to North Carolina to New Mexico. Join us as we pursue our state-focused strategy and fight back against the gun lobby!


CSGV has fought hard for policy change in the states, and we will keep fighting with support from individuals like you. It has been satisfying and humbling to see change happen in my home state of Virginia. And if this type of change can happen in Virginia, it can happen anywhere. 


Please join us as we work toward a safer country and pursue a future free from gun violence. Support CSGV with a gift today! 


Thank you, 


Lori Haas

Senior Director of Advocacy

Coalition to Stop Gun Violence


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