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Hi Luke,

The last few months have seen a massive customer workforce transition to "work from home", and Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops is a key technology enabling this. With work from home being seen as a trend that businesses will employ going forward, it is important to ensure that your Citrix farm is designed to be secure, scale and performing.

Join this webinar where GlassHouse Technologies and eG Innovations will explore how you can move quickly from design/build to having scalable run-time operations.


How to quickly deploy a cloud
infrastructure for a remote workforce
and know it's secure, scalable, and
ready for scale


To use a combination of codebase
deployments and SaaS delivered
monitoring can establish control of
your Citrix environment

Insights on how best to manage
a scalable and dynamic environment,
with endpoints transitioning around
multiple geographies


Four best practices
you should consider
as you plan your
Citrix monitoring strategy

You will learn about Glasshouse's CloudAccelerate approach to rapid Citrix deployment. You will also see CloudControl, monitoring as a service that provides customized and detailed monitoring for your Citrix environment, in action including ways to monitor Citrix user experience and to track employee productivity, both of which are top of mind for executives today.


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