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Eleven is delighted to announce the release of five new works by Harry Cory Wright in which he continues to look at “place” and how we perceive and interact with the landscape around us.
First Deep Blue is an intense moment of sunrise over a calm sea. Purposefully choosing a time of very high atmospheric pressure, when there is barely any cloud, this new landscape is stripped down to the bare essentials of air, water and cosmic activity.?In spite of the austere nature of subject matter this is an image of extraordinary tenderness and sensitivity.?
Cory Wright was included in an article in The Sunday Telegraph on 21st June. In Twelve Artworks that Capture the Beauty of the British Countryside, Lucy Davies wrote “Harry Cory Wright could be Britain’s finest landscape photographer. His images have a luminous, burnished feel that shivers easily between the now and everlasting. To make them, he uses a traditional wood and brass plate camera, which captures the vivid colours and dramatic light of the natural world in minute detail.”
For images of new works First Deep Blue, Morning Gold, Pink on Blue Before Sunrise, Cadmium Orange on Blue and Heath Sunrise please click here
For information on the works from the gallery please click here
Image details
Harry Cory Wright
First Deep Blue, 2019
Archival pigment print
58 x 71 in / 148 x 180 cm (edition of 3)
33 x 39 in / 83 x 100 cm (edition of 7)

17 ?Gothic Road ? Twickenham ? Middlessex ? TW2 5EH ? England
T? +44 (0)20 8408 1961 ? E?
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