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“Write what disturbs you, what you fear, what you have not been willing to speak about. Be willing to be split open.”

— Natalie Goldberg

Hi Isaac,

Have you struggled in taking control of your business? Has COVID-19 made it difficult for you to find success in your business? Best selling author, Doug Winnie, understands the challenges business owners face everyday, and he also understands that the pandemic has made it difficult for business owners to obtain success. 

In these pages you’ll find:

  • Objectives for each chapter

  • Easy to navigate sections for specific business needs

  • Checklists and tools

  • Tests at the end of each chapter

  • Real-life examples 

And so much more! Get your copy today!


In the publishing industry, self vs traditional publishing is a hot topic. While everyone may have an opinion, the only one that matters is yours, the author! Many factors play into the decision and those factors differ between authors as well as between projects. One element to consider involves how much control of the material you want to maintain. Self-publishing allows you to steward the information you want to put in the world at a pace and level of your choosing. Another important reason to choose self-publishing allows you to build the recognition of their expertise in your field.

From the Experts

Elite Expert Insider Podcast

Uncover Your Dreams with Mark Victor Hansen & Crystal Hansen

Jenn was able to meet, for the 2nd time, one of her mentors Mark Victor Hansen, author of Chicken Soup for the Soul, on the Elite Expert Insider Podcast. She met him for the first time after publishing her 1st book. She was in Hollywood at an Awards Banquet to receive her Quilly Award.


“If you’re willing to ask someone for help or advice or, wisdom, they’re 80% more likely to help you than if you just sit back and don’t ask.” (9:10)

“The research we did shows that when you ask yourself a question, a different part of your brain goes to work for you. And it’s the part of your brain that does critical thinking.” (18:43)

“You know, our imagination is one of the most amazing gifts God gave us. We’re the only animal that has the ability to do that” (20:03)

Learn more!



WORK WITH US: Want to have a bestselling book done by the holidays?

When you work with Elite Online Publishing, we guarantee that you will become a #1 bestselling author. With so many things in life feeling unsure and uncertain, this is one thing you can depend on. No guessing or hoping. Elite will give you something you can count on. Become a #1 bestselling author by filling out an application at

Elite Online Publishing are proud sponsors of the Barbara Bush Literacy Foundation. For more information on the foundation, click here!

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