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RMAF 2019 Show Report
Featuring a luxury destination at the brand-new Gaylord Rockies Resort & Convention Center, Enjoy the's Rocky Mountain International Audio Fest (RMAF) 2019 show report celebrates our sweet 16 years covering this highly popular high-end audiophile event. Take in the friendly atmosphere at RMAF where all are welcome and questions are encouraged.
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RMAF Vs. CEDIA, Twice Vs. CE Pro
And We'll Never Have A High-End Audio Organization

Since this is a Senseless Rambling article by Yours Truly, loyal readers of mine know what to expect. So grab the popcorn, a fine beverage and listen to some cool n' crazy tunes. Or something more 'age appropriate' as we are discussing the latest generations of music enthusiasts.
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Audio Analogue Maestro Anniv. Int. Amp.
A sonic wolf in sheep's clothing.

When I was asked if I would like to review Audio Analogue's newest integrated amplifier, I exclaimed "Yes!". Why? Because even on paper it seemed as if it was an extremely well-designed integrated amplifier, and also could easily power my reference speakers with a healthy 150 Watts per channel into 8 Ohms, its power doubling each time its impedance load is halved – and besides all this, I love equipment that's made in Italy. Even if some of this gear isn't a perfect match for the system in which it would be auditioned, I never have been disappointed in the sound quality of any of those components.
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Quiescent Mains Cable Loom
The concept of vibration control in signal-carrying cables...

Following my positive reviews in HIFICRITIC of the Quiescent Technologies Peak Speaker Cables (Vol. 12/2) and Peak Interconnect (Vol. 12/3) I was invited by the company to try its more costly Apex Interconnect. However, in my system the Apex sounded too fat in the bass and rather sluggish. I preferred the Peak. Quiescent's Steve Elford suspected my mains loom. Could one of his colleagues bring a selection of Quiescent – formerly Vertex AQ – mains products to try in my system?

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Ear Jewelry For Audiophiles
Roger Skoff writes about the state of the 'art' in Hi-Fi.

Have you seen what some of the latest, ultimate, super-duper High-End turntables look like? To me, they're reminiscent of what the "cities of the future" looked like in those old Buck Rogers or Flash Gordon movie serials of the 1930s and 1940s – great networks of massive gleaming towers, all surrounded and interconnected by loops and swirls of the aerial highways predicted by the people back then to be the roads for the flying cars of the future.
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Kharma Elegance dB7-S-S Floorstanders
Gorgeous looks... and they look as good as they sound.

Let's be clear. Kharma Elegance dB7-Sare not the largest or the most expensive high-end loudspeakers one can buy. They aren't even the largest or most expensive speakers in the line. But they are gorgeous high-end speakers that sound as good as they look, and obviously designed, built, and are intended to be included in the best high-end audio systems that are owned by discriminating audiophiles.
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Sonus faber Olympica @ World Of McIntosh
A good high-end system is akin to a time machine.

Last year I took a tour of World Of McIntosh, a very impressive five-story luxury townhouse in Soho NYC. It is an amazing place, packed with working audio systems featuring McIntosh, Sonus faber, Pro-Ject Audio Systems, Audio Research, and more. This luxurious space is used as an event space, tours, and for those who want to use a space "where music and design are merged in a way that's striking, memorable, and undeniably enjoyable".

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