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Welcome to Erin Condren

Welcome to

Noah Thomas,

Welcome to the Erin Condren family! We''re so excited you''re here.

I founded this company in 2001 with a simple goal in mind - to create products that simplified people's lives to help them get organized and make more room for joy. For me, that joy comes from creating products from the highest quality, with thick paper stock, hand-finished details, and stylish design.

I believe that you don't plan to fail, you simply fail to plan. I know that organization can seem daunting to many, but if you commit to starting small, you're taking a big step towards investing in your future. I''m so excited for you to join our community as we continue to grow and learn together, encouraging one another to be the best version of ourselves. We''re sharing tips, tricks, and inspiration on our social channels. Follow along for the fun along the way.


Erin Condren
Instagram @erincondren Twitter @erincondren @erincondren YouTube /erincondrendesign Facebook /erincondren /erincondrendesign Pinterest /erincondren /erincondren
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