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In 2016 I launched Everpress with the mission of having a positive impact on the world by reducing waste in fashion, and supporting grassroots creators from all backgrounds. That determination to create positive impact remains as strong as ever.

However, positive impact should begin at home, and until recently I didn't understand how our work environment contributed to some employees being unsupported. We failed our Black and Brown employees, and so have failed you and all of our community.

I have reached out to our previous employees to apologise for not addressing their very real concerns sooner. This was a failing on my behalf that will sit with me forever. Their comments, and the feedback of our current team, have been the catalyst we needed for permanent long term change.

I am determined to build a new kind of working culture at Everpress, one that I hope in years to come will be an example to other businesses of how to do things right. As a start, alongside financial contributions to The Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust and the global Black Lives Matter movement, we will be actively seeking to understand and dismantle any conscious and unconscious bias across hiring and management. I have also already started surrounding myself and our team with the tools and expert support required to build a culture that is safe and inclusive.

This is just the start. A full list of our initial actions to address the issues of diversity and inclusion at Everpress can be found at

Now the work begins. Please hold us ruthlessly accountable as we restart, building again towards becoming the kind of company I always wanted us to be.


Alex Econs



Unit 1, Ground Floor

55a Dalston Lane

LONDON Hackney E8 2NG United Kingdom




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