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Simple Tactics to Get Your Church from Lost to Found on Google

Hi there,

When you google churches in your area, what comes up? Where does your church website fall on the list? (Searching for the first time? Use an incognito or private window—otherwise the sites you go to most often will pop up first.)

Really the question is: Does your church website play well with search engines like Google and Bing?

When you get search engine optimization (SEO) right, your church website will no longer be invisible online. And when you get it wrong, well . . . let’s just say people rarely make it past page 2 on Google search results. 

Getting found online isn’t as tough as it sounds. In fact, we’ll walk through the essentials step by step in this free guide to church website SEO. 

Inside, you’ll learn:  
  • Which 3 keywords almost everyone uses when searching for a church
  • How to make your church website stand out in search results
  • How to tell when your website’s SEO is working
  • And more
Get free guide
With good website SEO, hundreds—maybe thousands—of people searching for a church in your area can find your website. And they’ll have the chance to learn the gospel through you.

Taylor from Faithlife

?? P.S. If you want your church website to be found on Google, but SEO leaves you feeling lost—get your free guide today.