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The people's guide to the federal budget.

Dear Jack,

Welcome to National Priorities Project's email list! You've joined a community of people all over the country who care about transparency and democracy in how we spend our collective resources. Together, we can take back the federal budget.

Explore our resources below to get started. 

Federal Budget 101

It is our right and our obligation to see that our tax dollars are spent in ways that reflect our priorities. To do that we need to know where that money is going, and how budget decisions are made. Federal Budget 101 gives you that crucial information.

Find out more about the Federal Budget

Data & Tools

Explore our interactive tools that allow you to see how the federal budget affects your life and community. From Trade-Offs that compare investments in key federal initiatives to your own personal tax receipt to live counters tracking what we spend on everything from war to food assistance, NPP's tools help bring the federal budget home.

Our Story

NPP's story started in 1983, when four friends from Springfield, MA dug into dusty federal budget tomes at a local university library in a quest to save their city from economic ruin.

To this day, NPP is the only nonprofit, non-partisan federal budget research organization in the nation with the mission to make the federal budget accessible to the American public.

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