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Dear Feathered Pipe Friends,

Hoping this finds you well wherever you may be in this wondrous world! Things continue to progress at nature''s own pace here at the Ranch this summer. Without a full schedule of programs, we are attending to many long put-off projects and finding time to imagine other ways in which to accentuate the grandeur of the land. Mother Nature is more than lending her hand with the new aspen-pine forest continuing to reach toward the azure blue sky above, and our new resident moose yearling having made the lake his/her habitat of choice.

Deepest Gratitude

We wanted to again share our great appreciation for your enthusiastic involvement during our 45th Anniversary Celebration. Almost all programs continue to be available for your viewing, including India''s Memorial. Opportunity to donate, if you haven''t had a chance, is there at the end of each program''s video. Please know every little bit helps.

Your generous giving is truly helping us weather these challenging times. It has made clear to us all just how important and valuable the mission India entrusted us with is, and the importance of community in manifesting a more inclusive, healthy and peace-filled tomorrow. You have our commitment that we will honor your belief in us.

Registration is Open

Registration for our 2021 Retreat Season opened yesterday with almost all of our programs being available for your exploration. Only a few remain to be listed and/or made available, with registration for those remaining starting on August 15th. We have number of programs that are already nearing full house, so best to get in earlier than later.

Again wherever you may be in the world, please take best care of yourself and others, see the beauty in the simple things, and keep faith in the goodness of Life. Hope to see you next summer!

Faith & Gratitude,
Feathered Pipe Foundation


Faith & Blessings,

Feathered Pipe Foundation
P.O. Box 1682
Helena MT 59624

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