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Platforms & Technology

July 9

How to personalize your community homepage?

Hiewwaiy kwok


Hi all,

My name is Hiewwaiy and Iím a community manager at Infoland, a B2B software company in the Netherland. Our community is quite ĎĎyoungíí (we have launched it a year ago). Our biggest challenge is how to create a valuable community platform to ALL of our customers, as they come from diverse branches. We have customers working at hospitals, but also customers working in the food and utility branche Ö



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Managing Communities

July 11

Choosing and crafting a community's voice?

Christina Roosen


Hello everyone! Iíve just become the community program manager for an existing community thatís been neglected for the last year or so. Itís customer service and support focused, and in the technology sector. Itís an exciting time, because I get to plan a nearly ground-up rebuild of the community vision, mission, user experience, and engagement strategy!



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Managing Communities

July 10

Community launch

Saddam Hussain


Hi Team
I would be grateful. If some one can help me few newer ideas and practice in the launch of the community. I am looking for any previous topic discussed here or new about complete launch details. I am new here



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Managing Communities

July 11

Job Description for a Super-User Team Leader


Hi friends,

Does anyone have a JD for the responsibilities of a staff member on a community team whose primary work is to build super user communities? Many thanks in advance to any specifics!



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