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Hi Evelyn,

As a sales channel, email works well because it allows for a personal touch at a low cost, while still being scalable.

To scale up your efforts, you'll first need to know what messaging works best.

Keep an eye out for these three metrics:

  • Open rate - The percentage of sent emails that are opened. Tells you how well your subject line works (and how non-spammy it is).
  • Click-through rate - The percentage of emails sent where the recipient clicked a link within the email. Tells you if you've done a well-enough job at convincing prospects to click.
  • Response rate - The percentage of sent emails that are responded to. Tells you how enticing the combination of subject line, copy and general approach is for the persona you're targeting.

Whatever your starting metrics are, aim to improve them regularly. You can only optimize what you measure.

To track these metrics, you can use a tool like Streak or, if you're looking for to bring more scale to your campaigns, Mailshake.

Are you tracking these metrics? What tools are you using to bring more predictability to your email outreach success? As always, let me know if I can help.


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