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Membership Emails

Below is a sample of the emails you can expect to receive when signed up to Flowers From the Farm.

Hullo Ethan

In this, the last of our initial emails. we''re giving you hints and tips how to promote yourself and others in Flowers from the Farm

WHY promote others?
You''re just setting up your own business, it''s tough: the to-do list is never ending, the money isn''t flowing quite as much as you''d like, Why on earth should you spend time helping promote others?

No one business alone can reverse the decline of the British flower industry but together we''re a pretty formidable force.

No small business will find itself on the first page of a Google search [not without paying a massive sum of money] but you''re there because you''re one of our members.

All over the country, members are chatting to friends and neighbours or to members of the public at a show. They''re talking about Flowers from the Farm and they''re talking about YOU.

Working together, we 500+ members of Flowers from the Farm can create a bigger demand for our flowers - a demand from which we all benefit.

We have a ready-made sales force all over the country.

The Top 5 tips to promote yourself and Flowers from the Farm as THE place to get flowers

1) Our logo. Tell your customers that you are part of Flowers from the Farm. Use our logo [downloadable here] on your website and your social media feeds.

2) Your completed profile. This is your shop window in our site. Keep it up to date and put your best photos on there. Get into the habit of writing a blog about yourself and your flowers so that your customers can get to know you. When you get an enquiry for flowers that are out of your area, don''t just say no: refer the customer to someone else in Flowers from the Farm.

3) Taking part in Shows and events. in the past year, FFTF members took part in flower shows from RHS Hampton Court and RHS Tatton Park to RHS Malvern and RHS Chatsworth; from Gardeners'' World Live! at the NEC to the Great Yorkshire Show: and from Gardening Scotland southwards to Lincolnshire, Sandringham, Bath & West, Harrogate and Suffolk in between.
Our areas won Silver, Silver Gilt, Gold and Best In Shows, were featured on TV and radio and received compliments and praise for their great displays of flowers. As well as looking stunning, they raised interest and understanding and people got business from them.
2018 sees us at RHS Chelsea for the first time and our appearance there is a great bonus for British flowers and the people who grow them.
Each individual grower would have found these shows impossible, but as a team it works. Do join in when your regional co-ordinator asks for help with a show in your area.

4) Mentioning FFTF whenever you get publicity
We have a fabulous photogenic product and we can fill pages of local papers and magazines. Contact your local paper, tell them your story, and don''t forget to mention FFTF, so those who aren''t able to buy from you can find another member.

5) Tell everyone you know
Does everyone realise what you sell? It may seem obvious, but to promote yourself you need to tell everyone. In the pub, at the school gate, all your friends. Can you do talks to local Garden Societies, WI groups or flower clubs? Be proud of what you do, recognise its worth and promote British Flowers wherever you can.

We hope these emails has been helpful and that you enjoy being part of the Flowers from the Farm family.

Do you remember how the Terms and Conditions concluded?

Best wishes
The Flowers From The Farm team
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